Glovista Investments is a SEC registered Investment Manager

We believe that what distinguishes us most are our investment expertise, our track record, our global-macro approach to investing, and our core values: Integrity, Independence, Innovation, and Intellectual Commitment.

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Glovista was formed by seasoned finance professionals with decades of market experience panning many geographic regions and products. At Glovista, we seek to provide investment management services to both Institutional and High Net Worth clients including State and Municipal pension funds, Endowments, RIAs, Family Offices, and High Net Worth individuals.

Our firm name, Glovista, is drawn from two words
which describe our approach to investing:


Covering or relating to the whole world



From the Latin videre or ‘to see’ and from the Spanish word vista signifying ‘vision, foresight’

Invest In Our Team

Glovista is led by a highly-experienced team that is recognized not only for their investment records, but also for their breadth of regional and asset class expertise. The team’s multi-decade experience spans across multiple asset classes and institutions including top investment banks, supranational organizations such as the International Monetary Fund and academia.

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Core Values

Glovista is an investment advisory firm that brings more than just financial expertise to the investment process. Our Core Values are integrity, independence, innovation, and intellectual commitment. We are committed to creating value for our customers, employees and shareholders.


We earn our client’s trust by ensuring that our investment expertise is applied in the foremost interest of our clients. We maintain the highest regulatory and ethical standards. Our separately managed account (SMA) structure seeks to afford; institutions and private clients, the highest possible safeguards and transparency.


We continuously push the envelope to come up with innovative ideas and solutions for our clients. In today’s fast changing world we work hard to continuously innovate and be at the forefront of our business. We are continuously looking for the most effective and cost efficient ways to maximize return for our investor clients.


We are a fee-only manager and we do not generate any revenue from brokerage. We make our client; economic objectives our only objective when it comes to managing their investments. The investment calls we make are completely independent regardless of the popularity of our views or it effect on our fees.

Intellectual Commitment

We are committed to provide the best and most stimulating environment for our employees. Our firm is a team of “thinkers”, and our culture fosters continuous and open exchange of idea and discussions, aimed towards the common goal of delivering value for our investor clients.