Glovista Investments, LLC.

Welcome to Glovista

Glovista Investments LLC is an SEC-registered and GIPS®-compliant Investment Adviser. Glovista was formed by seasoned finance professionals with decades of market experience spanning many geographic regions and products. At Glovista, we seek to provide investment management services to both Institutional and High Net Worth clients including State and Municipal pension funds, Endowments, RIAs, Family Offices and High Net Worth individuals.

Our firm name, Glovista, is drawn from two words which describe our approach to investing:

Global: covering or relating to the whole world, and

Vista: from the Latin videre or 'to see' and from the Spanish word vista signifying 'vision, foresight'.

Glovista is led by a highly-experienced team that is recognized not only for their investment records, but also for their breadth of regional and asset class expertise. The team's multi-decade experience spans across multiple asset classes and institutions including top investment banks, supranational organizations such as the International Monetary Fund and academia.

In today's environment, global markets are increasingly driven by economic policy decisions aimed at averting crises while dealing with systemic challenges. We are witnessing this not only in Emerging Markets, but also increasingly in the developed regions of the world. The day-to-day volatility of markets underscores this reality. Our managers and team bring global backgrounds to bear, which lend themselves seamlessly to interpreting these global trends and tactically managing assets and investments in such a context.

We manage two flagship investment strategies (Emerging Market Equities (long only) and Global Tactical Asset Allocation (GTAA)) and other more customized strategies targeted towards both institutions and private wealth clients. We follow a consistent, repeatable and time-tested global-macro approach to investment management. Our investment strategies utilize primarily liquid US-listed instruments such as ETFs, equities and corporate bonds.

We believe that what distinguishes us most are our investment expertise, our track record, our global-macro approach to investing, and our core values: Integrity, Independence, Innovation, and Intellectual Commitment.

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