High Net Worth and Family Office Investments

High Net Worth Portfolio Management

Large high net-worth individuals and families have investment objectives and requirements that are different from other investors. They need an investment service that is customized and one that responds exclusively to their needs and not to the priorities of banking institutions.

We manage Private Wealth strategies on behalf of our Family and High Net Worth clients in Separately Managed Accounts. Operating across various platforms, we are able to manage accounts on behalf of our clients without them having to leave their existing financial institution in most cases.

According to the goals and risk tolerance of our Private Wealth Strategy clients, we protect and grow their assets by investing in an appropriate mix of fixed income and attractively priced equities and other asset classes such as currencies and commodities (via liquid ETFs).
Protecting and growing our clients’ assets when the risk-reward trade-off is most compelling is one of our key strengths.

Glovista’s High Net Worth Investment Strategy provides:

Customized Investment Philosophy

Investment program is customized to the unique needs and risk-return profile of the client.

Regular Rebalancing of Portfolio

The client will have peace of mind in the knowledge that it has experts monitoring and rebalancing its portfolio, allowing it to focus on running its business.

Emphasis on Equities

Greater emphasis on equities in a risk-efficient manner leads to long-term appreciation of portfolio.

Geographic Diversification

Our Global Macro approach and knowledge of foreign markets allows us to take advantage of growth opportunities in global markets.

In terms of protocol, prior to deploying the client family’s investment portfolio, the Glovista Team identifies the main investment objectives of the client. Typically, such objectives fall under one or more of the following categories: investment horizon, trade-off between capital preservation and capital appreciation objectives, current income.

Once a client family’s investment criteria are properly identified, the Glovista team helps the family select the appropriate risk return target for its requirements and preferences.

Through its regular communications with high net worth clients, the Glovista Team reviews any changing conditions impacting the client’s investment objectives, such as the change of jobs, business developments, birth or death in the family.

Superior & Consolidated Reporting:

Each client family continues to receive from its bank the same amount and type reports it has been receiving up until the Glovista Team’s oversight and management period commences. In addition to the information reported directly to the client family by the corresponding bank, the Glovista team provides to each client family the following information:

  • Family portfolio allocation
  • Portfolio performance in comparison to benchmarks
  • Market analysis and views

In addition, our systems allow the client to monitor their multiple accounts at various institutions on a consolidated basis.