Comprehensive Wealth Management Solutions

Private Wealth Strategies

We provide independent and professional advice to our high net worth clients to help them maximize their wealth. We provide expert advice and institutional level portfolio management to all of our high net worth clients; thereby, our clients can focus on their businesses and lives and leave it to us to guide them through the rough waters of financial markets. Our clients gain a peace of mind in the knowledge that an expert team is constantly monitoring its investment exposures to maximize the returns and minimize the risks. Moreover, our expertise and investment philosophy allow us to reduce the overall costs for our clients.

In short, by employing our services our clients save both time and money. We endeavor to build our clients’ financial futures with utmost care – as a financial architect should always do.

Why Glovista?

A Private Wealth client of Glovista has significant advantages over most private banking clients including large Wall Street firms:

  • The advantage of having their assets managed by a professional portfolio manager as opposed to a financial representative of a bank. Often at larger firms, the family or high net worth client receive advice from an account representative who is not a professional money manager but rather a financial service professional that is sometimes paid more to sell “in-house” products over other potentially more suitable products.
    • Our four private wealth portfolio managers collectively have more than 65 years of investment management experience between them at first-rate investment banks, including Merrill Lynch, UBS, Credit Suisse First Boston and JPMorgan Chase, among others.
  • Contrary to a traditionally sales driven service, our principal objective is to help manage the client family’s wealth as per the family’s objectives.
  • Unlike private wealth operations which are owned by larger financial institutions, our independence frees us of any potential conflict of interest which could subordinate our client’s “product interest” or “service priority” to those of a parent firm.
  • Much lower cost for much higher investment acumen and much higher level of service.
  • Open and ready access to our Team so as to keep the family client fully informed on its portfolio’s positioning as well as on the portfolio’s governing investment thesis.
  • Far greater stability knowing that the portfolio managers are partners of the firm whose interests are aligned with those of our clients.